Kim Kardashian savaged over strange detail in bikini snap: 'Confused'

Kim Kardashian's skin tone looked patchy in the racy photo.

Kim Kardashian has baffled fans after sharing some very provocative bikini snaps.

In the first snap, the SKIMS founder is pouting while lying down in a triangle black bikini. The other two racy photos show the brunette posing upright with a full face of makeup.

Two photos of Kim Kardashian posing in a bikini
Kim Kardashian's latest bikini snaps have left fans scratching their heads. Photo: Instagram/kimkardashian

While the 42-year-old looked great, fans couldn’t get over the strange dark patch in the middle of her chest. It appears to be a shadow from a phone held above her on the bed, but her fingers gave it an odd shape.

People discussed her skin tone in the comments, with one fan wondering if it was a ‘birthmark'.

“Is that a shadow of a ninja turtle holding the phone on her chest?” joked a fan.

“The shadow had me confused for a while,” another wrote.


“Why are there patches all over your skin,” a third asked.

“Why does she have an imprint of the state of Alabama on her chest?” another quipped, followed by a laughing emoji.

Others labelled the star as “desperate” for sharing so many bikini snaps online.

“Trying to stay relevant I guess,” one wrote.

“What are these photos? It’s like she’s in high school in 2010 or something,” another added.

“Some people can’t accept their age,” a third chimed in.


However, a slew of fans stepped up to defend Kim, calling the trolls “jealous” and “pressed”.

“I think she’s very sexy!!! Why [is] everyone hating on these pics??? Don’t like them, get off her Instagram!! Wish I had a banging bod like this!!” a fan commented.

“Why are there so many haters??? Just admire her, she looks amazing,” another said.

“You’re so beautiful and gorgeous,” a third gushed.

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