Kim Kardashian Responded After She Was Criticized For Trying To "Normalize" Tanning Beds

Kim Kardashian says there's a good reason she's still using tanning beds.

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Kim showed off her in-office tanning beds earlier this week while giving a tour of the SKKN by Kim headquarters.


"I'm Kim Kardashian, of course, I have a tanning bed and a red light bed in my office," she said in the video, where she also showed viewers her wall of magazine covers and a 3D model of her brain. It has since amassed over 16 million views.

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As the video circulated the internet, Allure ran a post with the headline, “Please, Kim Kardashian, Don’t Try to Normalize Tanning Beds." It argued how dangerous they are and included research showing that tanning beds can raise the risk of developing skin cancer.

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The writer also rejected the belief that they might help psoriasis — which Kim has had since 2011 — saying "contrary to popular belief, UV exposure can be more harmful than helpful in the treatment of psoriasis."

Shasa Hu, MD, a board-certified dermatologist previously told the outlet, “A blistering sunburn can trigger a whole-body psoriasis flare, as sunburn can be thought of as systemic injury to the skin. This is why, although natural sunlight at a very low dose and medical UV therapy are known treatment[s] for psoriasis, sunburn is a big no-no for psoriasis patients. The same goes for tanning bed use.”

But Kim stands by it.

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Reacting to the post on X, she said in part that "it really helps when it's bad. But I don't use it too often."

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Yeahhh. Let's still listen to the professionals, people.