Why Kim Kardashian was naked when she spoke to Trump

Kylie Mar
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Kim Kardashian West has revealed she was completely naked when she spoke to President Donald Trump during an appearance Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Discussing the moment she received the news from Trump that he was commuting Alice Marie Johnson’s prison sentence after Kim’s personal campaign, she said she was in her birthday suit when the call came.

The 37-year-old met with Trump two months ago to discuss prison reform and to plead for Johnson, who was serving life in prison for a first-time, nonviolent drug offence.

A week after this photo was taken, Trump called Kim to say he was releasing Alice Johnson from prison after 22 years for a non-violent drug offence. Source: Twitter/KimKardashian

Following the good news from Trump one week after the meeting, Kim sat down with Van Jones on CNN.

However, she left out one minor detail: She was naked when Trump called her.

However she revealed to Jimmy Kimmel that she was completely naked when she took the call. Source: ABC

I was at a Steven Klein photo shoot and, if anyone knows who he is, it’s pretty much a nude shoot,” Kardashian told Jimmy Kimmel.

“So, I’m naked, and my phone rings, and I’m all glammed up, and I’m like, ‘Get me a robe!’ You know, and I was waiting for the call. Not knowing when it was going to come even if it was it. And it was it.”

“You were naked when Donald Trump called you?” Jimmy responded, clearly shocked.

The mum-of-three explained she was on a photoshoot at the time and was stark naked. She’s no stranger to revealing her curves, seen here in a sexy snap she shared on her social media. Source: Instagram/KimKardashian

But Kim emphasised she “put a robe on” before getting on the phone.

“Did the president know you were just in a robe and nothing else?” Jimmy teased.

She said Trump didn’t know she was naked, nor did she tell him.

Jimmy teased that Trump would released more people if he knew Kim was naked. Source: Getty

However, Jimmy couldn’t resist taking a swipe at their country’s leader, suggesting things might have worked out even better for her if she had told him.

“He probably would have released the whole prison. … Gates would have swung open.”

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