Kim Kardashian just kept the tag on her naked dress...on purpose

Recent years have seen no shortage of unexpected trends. Like, who knew that fleece-lined tights would become the winter's hottest item? Or that we'd be clambering over each other to get a Stanley cup?

And the celebs are repping the left field trends too - from Dua Lipa and Kristen Stewart rocking men's tighty whities, to the omnipresent no trousers trend beloved by the likes of Addison Rae, Anne Hathaway, Cindy Crawford and *many more*, and Renée Rapp's sheer hold-ups.

Now, it looks like Kim Kardashian could be coining the next major micro-trend. The reality tv star and all-around mogul stepped out at Paris Fashion Week this weekend, and was clearly ready to bring her fashion A Game.

Attending the Balenciaga show, Kim rocked a backless black lace gown that trailed the floor with a fish tail hem and featured some majorly dramatic see-through panels.

Rocking a futuristic beauty look, her hair was scraped high in a sleek ponytail and makeup was kept elegant and lowkey. Peeping out from the gown's voluminous sleeves was a set of sharp nude acrylic nails holding a phone covered in a matte black case.

kim kardashian naked dress and balenciaga tag
Arnold Jerocki - Getty Images

Apart from the afore-mentioned phone, accessories were kept to a minimum besides black, high-heeled court shoes visible underneath the layers of see-through fabric comprising the dress's skirt.

kim kardashian naked dress
Stephane Cardinale - Corbis - Getty Images

That is, apart from one *veeery* interesting detail: a large, grey Balenciaga clothing tag dangling down from the back of her dress. Knowing Kim, a renowned fashion maven, this element of her outfit won't have been a mistake - far from it.

We're calling it now, exposed tags might just be the next unexpected celeb trend...

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