Kim Kardashian Gifted Her Son A Mini Tesla Cybertruck, And This Is Like A Whole Other Level Of RICH

Kim Kardashian has found another way to make us all feel like peasants!

Person in historical costume with puffed sleeves presses hands to ears, appearing distressed
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The billionaire with the scary brutalist house *obviously* has one of Elon Musk's wild-looking Tesla cybertrucks.

Kim Kardashian seated on stage, smiling, wearing a draped top and thigh-high boots
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Yeah, one of these:

Silver angular electric truck on display, surrounded by onlookers, in what appears to be a shopping area
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She even did a whole-ass photo shoot with it a few days ago:

Well, now she revealed she got her son Psalm a mini-one for his 5th birthday.

Two children sit in a toy Cybertruck as an adult watches

She shared videos of her kid riding around on it on social media.

Two people riding in a futuristic-looking electric car through a garden pathway

Yes, it actually moves.

Kim Kardashian and a child in a small, futuristic car-shaped toy vehicle outdoors

Now excuse me while I tend to my field of potatoes. The harvest is coming.

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