Khloe Kardashian shows support for influencer Remi Bader after she speaks out against body shaming

Khloe Kardashian shows support for influencer Remi Bader after she speaks out against body shaming

Khloe Kardashian has praised Remi Bader after the body positivity influencer opened up about body shaming.

Bader, 28, recently spoke out against negative comments she’s received about her weight. In a video shared to her 2.3m TikTok followers, the plus-size model was tearful as she revealed she was going to stop sharing updates about her health journey.

The Good American founder, who has also spoken out against body-shaming online, shared a message of support for Bader on her Instagram Story following the influencer’s candid TikTok video.

“Just a little @remibader appreciation post,” Kardashian wrote on her Story, which included a smiling photo of Bader from the Victoria’s Secret World Tour 2023 event. “You are perfection just as you are. Exactly as you come. In all phases, you are perfection. Never forget that your soul sparkles, your smile is magic and your heart is pure.”

On 17 September, Bader revealed in a TikTok video that she has “decided” to no longer share personal details about her health after receiving “disgusting” comments from critics.

“I try to not look at the really mean things online the best that I can because it really saves my mental health by not looking at it, but there’s some things that come up in my comments that I can’t not see,” Bader began the emotional video, which has been viewed one million times. “There’s been a ridiculous amount lately of body-shaming and saying things I already know, like how much bigger I got and how much weight I gained and how unhealthy I look and whatever it is.”

While Bader initially believed it was “helpful” for her to share details about her diet and exercise routines for people “going through similar struggles,” the TikTok star has changed her mind following the recent body-shaming.

“My health journey will now be my business. What I choose to do, whether that’s gain or lose weight, medications I take, supplements I take, my workout routine, whatever it is. I’m not gonna share,” she explained. “I don’t know why it’s even allowed online. Shaming someone and the way they look every single day is so disgusting.”

 (Instagram / Khloe Kardashian)
(Instagram / Khloe Kardashian)

The influencer emphasised how critics who comment on her weight are simply “pretending” that they’re concerned about Bader’s health. “You can pretend you want good for me, but it’s actually people that just want the worst for me and it’s fun for them to keep making fun of me and do it publicly,” she said.

“If I’m already taking care of myself and working on the things I need to work on, imagine seeing that every f***ing day over and over and over and in a horrible way,” Bader continued, adding that she’s going to reserve “any questions that anyone has about my health or my weight or my journey” to her close friends.

The Victoria’s Secret model then began to break out in tears, as she told the camera: “It’s really hard to see this every single day and it’s really not fair to see really mean, mean things. I’m taking care of myself the best I can.”

Bader once again pleaded with social media users to “just stop commenting on my body because I’m doing everything I can to make myself feel better.”

“I’m not going to share anymore with you guys. That’s just my decision,” she concluded her tearful video.

In addition to Kardashian, many fans have since shared their support for Bader, who has gained a large following on social media for her realistic outfit try-ons.

“We understand. Thank you for everything you have done for us and continue to do,” commented one TikTok user under Bader’s video.

“You’re beautiful and you do what you need to do to care for yourself and your mental health. We will still be here! We love you,” said another fan.

“I’m sorry this world is filled with so much hate and negativity,” a third person wrote. “You inspire so many and your bravery in sharing your journey does not go unnoticed.”