KFC Has a New Menu Item Just in Time for Summer

You heard it here first.



This is the time of year when many of us are transitioning from a busy spring to a fun-filled summer (which may or may not be any less busy). So, as we're jetting off to the beach or running between camps and the pool, we're also dining on the go. Thankfully, our favorite fast-food spots have this in mind.

New drive-thru goodies are popping up everywhere. We've got the McDonald's Grandma McFlurry, Jack in the Box Munchie Meals, Burger King Royal Melts, Chick-fil-A's beloved peach milkshake, and even a new Wendy's breakfast burrito. You better believe we'll be taste-testing them all. Luckily, there are freebies to take advantage of as we're ringing up all those fries and nuggets.

Of course, KFC is also getting in on the action, expanding its offerings left and right. We can't wait to try the Twister Wraps, which we hope will come to menus nationwide. But the brand isn't stopping there.

KFC's New Tropical Passionfruit Lemonade

Just in time for the new season of fun in the sun, Kentucky Fried Chicken is releasing a Tropical Passionfruit Lemonade. This must-try drink is made with a refreshing tropical fruit blend with notes of passionfruit and pomegranate and is the perfect complement to KFC’s one-of-a-kind fried chicken and tasty sides. We'll be ordering it alongside the new nuggets or the executive-favorite Famous Bowl or chicken sandwich.

KFC fans can snag Tropical Passionfruit Lemonade, also available in Tropical Passionfruit Starry, Tropical Passionfruit Mountain Dew Sweet Lightening, and Tropical Passionfruit Tea, in KFC restaurants nationwide beginning June 10 while supplies last.

Our road trip stops just got a little more exciting!

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