The Key Ingredient Swap For Much Crispier French Toast

French toast and berries on plate
French toast and berries on plate - Nitr/Shutterstock

If you've ever made French toast, you know the basics: bread, eggs, milk, and butter. The end result is usually a soft, custardy inside with a lightly browned exterior. But what if you're craving a French toast with a little more crunch? The secret is to swap out the butter for an oil with a higher smoke point (e.g. a refined vegetable oil). This simple swap can transform your French toast from soft to deliciously crispy.

When cooking French toast, most people use butter to grease the pan. This dairy cooking fat has a low smoke point, which means it burns quickly at high temperatures. When that happens, your French toast can end up tasting burnt, and it won't get as crispy as you might like. Using a high smoke point oil allows you to turn up the heat without worrying about burning. The higher temperature gives the French toast a golden, crispy exterior while keeping the inside soft and custardy.

While there are several oils to choose from, like sunflower, avocado, or coconut, a great option for French toast is olive oil. Not only does it have a higher smoke point than butter, but it also brings something extra to the table — its own unique flavor.

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Olive Oil For The Win

Woman pouring olive oil on frying pan
Woman pouring olive oil on frying pan - RESTOCK images/Shutterstock

Most vegetable oils have a neutral taste, which is fine for many cooking purposes. They don't add any noticeable flavor to the dish, letting the other ingredients shine. However, if you're looking to add a little something extra to your French toast, olive oil is your best bet. It has a distinctive flavor that's fruity and slightly peppery.

This unique flavor can pair wonderfully with the classic sweetness of French toast. It adds a touch of complexity without overwhelming the dish. You might find that the subtle fruitiness of olive oil complements the rich custard base, creating a more interesting flavor profile. But even better, it can also be a great match for savory versions of French toast.

If you're making French toast with cheese, black pepper, or other savory ingredients, olive oil's flavor can elevate the dish. It adds depth and brings out the best in the other ingredients. And here's another bonus: you can also use olive oil as a finishing touch. Instead of pouring maple syrup on top, drizzle a bit of extra virgin olive oil over your French toast before serving. It adds a different kind of richness and can be a refreshing change from the usual sweetness.

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