Kevin Spacey tweets support of RFK Jr. ad narrated by Woody Harrelson

Embattled actor Kevin Spacey proudly endorsed a campaign ad for Robert F. Kennedy narrated by former “Cheers” star Woody Harrelson.

“There’s a lot I can learn from this man,” Spacey wrote on X. “When the world turned its back on me, Bobby leaned in.”

The ad begins with Kennedy reading headlines about his own family opposing his independent candidacy in November’s presidential election.

“He’s nut and clearly disturbed,” reads a line from one article cited by Kennedy.

Other criticisms read by Kennedy in his ad call him “nuts and clearly disturbed.” “angry” and “a humorless bully living in a paranoid fantasy.”

Kennedy ends that segment of the 30-minute video by defiantly joking, “I wouldn’t vote for that guy either.”

Spacey — newly accused of several acts of sexual misconduct in an upcoming British documentary, according to the Guardian — posted that Kennedy is a man of conviction.

“He’s a formidable fighter for justice and a loyal friend that’s not afraid to stand up for what he believes,” Spacey added.

An English jury acquitted Spacey on four counts of sexual misconduct in July. He also denies the new accusations against him.

Kennedy is a longshot candidate to challenge incumbent Joe Biden and past-president Donald Trump in the fall.

Progressives have expressed concern the 70-year-old Democratic scion could take much needed votes from Biden. Trump supporters worry Kennedy’s penchant for conspiracy theories, including vaccine skepticism, could resonate with right-wing voters. Polling indicates both scenarios are possible.