Kettle Brand Chips' New Korean-Inspired Flavor Will Delight Your Taste Buds

Kettle Brand Potato Chips

A new chip flavor designed for people who enjoy complex mixtures of sweet and spicy is heading to stores across the U.S. this spring.

The popular potato chip maker Kettle Brand announced the new flavor in a press release on Wednesday, April 10. The brand’s latest creation serves in part to recognize the growing interest in “sweet and spicy combinations” that younger customers, particularly Gen Z and Millennial chip eaters, have expressed, the brand said.

The new chip flavor is Gochujang, a nod to the red chili paste commonly used in Korean cuisine. The incorporation of this flavor in Kettle Brand’s latest chip offering also reflects the expanding interest in Korean food in the U.S., the press release said.

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The brand described the new flavor as embodying the “rich and complex world of the popular Korean pepper paste, with a burst of sweet and spicy flavor in each chip.”

The flavor is part of the brand’s ongoing efforts to incorporate “a full sensorial experience” in each bite, according to Campbell's Snacks’ Vice President of Salty Snacks Marketing Nick Hammitt. “Our new chips pack the complex flavor notes of Gochujang into a chip in a way that only Kettle Brand can,” he added.

In addition to arriving in grocery stores, the chips were also temporarily available at C as in Charlie in New York City, a result of the brand’s collaboration with Chef Eric Choi. The chips were included with Choi’s Beef Tartare dish for one week, with April 20 marking the last day of Kettle Brands’ temporary in-restaurant partnership for its Gochujang flavor rollout.

Bags of Kettle Brand's Gochujang chips, which have a $5.29 suggested retail price, are already arriving in stores across the U.S. and are expected to be available for a limited time.

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