Kerry Washington Explained Why She Keeps Her Three Children Out Of The Public Eye, And It Makes A Lot Of Sense

You know Kerry Washington.

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You probably also know that she's been married to actor and former NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha since 2013.

Kerry Washington and Nnamdi Asomugha at an event
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The couple share two children together — Isabelle and Caleb — and Kerry's also a stepparent to Nnamdi's child from a previous relationship.

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However, Kerry and Nnamdi have chosen to keep their children out of the public eye since they've been together — and in a new interview with People, Kerry explained exactly why that is.

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"I think just from the very beginning, Nnamdi and I have been really protective of our partnership and our relationship," she explained, "because we wanted it to belong to us, and we found that we were able to define and create a relationship for ourselves and with each other outside of the public eye."

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"And I think in many ways, we just want to give our kids that same opportunity to define a life for themselves and to enter the public space in their own way."

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Kerry also allowed that she and Nnamdi are "definitely not as protective as we used to be" when it comes to keeping their children away from the cameras.

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"They're not, like, locked in a dungeon," she laughed. "They do, you know, come to set, we go places, we do things. We do feel like we want to give them agency to engage in a public life in the way they want to, because this is what we do."

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"We've chosen to be athletes and artists, and that's our choice. But we want to let them be kids."

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Pretty reasonable, in my opinion!