Kerri-Anne reveals: My new battle

Finishing the last of her radiation treatment, Kerri-Anne Kennerley is looking forward to celebrating her first Pink Ribbon Day as a breast cancer survivor.

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Embracing the landmark with a glamorous shoot and interview with New Idea the star also revealed her new battle: crusading for potentially life-saving MRIs scans to be available through Medicare.

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She says the technology – which can cost $980 for a full body scan – picked up a second tumour in her breast, which had previously been undetected.

‘I’m not normally into lobbying the government, but this is a no brainer,’ she says of her crusade. ‘Now I can afford [an MRI], but a lot of women obviously can’t.’

Read about Kerri-Anne's new battle in this week's issue of New Idea.

The star also tells how the philosophy of community service program ‘Look Good…Feel Better’ helped her through her nightmare. And now she’s determined to help other women as well.

The organisation is dedicated to helping Australians cope with the appearance-related side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Coincidentally, Look Good...Feel Better was Kerri-Anne’s chosen Dancing with the Stars charity months before her diagnosis, and it’s a cause she continues to cherish.

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‘I ended up becoming patron a couple of years ago, and then it happens to me, so go figure,’ chuckles a fully recovered Kerri-Anne, 58, who was scheduled to complete her radiation treatment the day after our photo shoot
‘Because it’s about make-up some people tend to think it’s superficial, but there’s an absolutely fundamental link between your personal wellbeing and how you look and present yourself to the world. If you look good, you feel better.’

The star also exclusively shares her treatment diary with New Idea, revealing her personal journey from mammogram to surgery, radiotherapy and now cancer survivor.

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Initially advised to have a mastectomy, she’s now back into the full swing of her old life – including attending a recent Lady Gaga concert!