Kelly Ripa Has a Strong Opinion of Husband Mark Consuelos’ Viral Flight Hack

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa doesn't care about flight hacks. In fact, she completely shut down her husband and Live co-host, Mark Consuelos, when it came time for him to explain one that has since gone viral over its usefulness.

The talk show hosts and celebrity couple lovingly got into what nearly spun into a bickering match when Consuelos began sharing a trick he stumbled upon about tracking flights using a smartphone.

“You put in, let’s say, the name of the airline plus the flight number,” he explained per Decider. “You text it to yourself, just text it, or somebody texts it, and it comes up… It’ll say, ‘On time,’ the flight, what time is it supposed to leave, what time is it supposed to land, so you can have it right there for you.”

"Isn’t it on your ticket?" Ripa, 53, asked, insinuating the tip was irrelevant.

Consuelos then clarified that you'll always be on schedule using the digital version as "it’ll update whether [the flight is] on time or not."

"Yeah, I mean, I have the ticket on my phone," Ripa replied. "But sometimes I like — you know me, I like a paper ticket printed out."

"I like that. Shut up," she said in defense of her preference. "I don’t want to hear it. It comforts me."

Ripa continued, "There’s very little things I have left. My good old paper ticket that I can give to the flight attendant reassures me that nothing bad will happen to me on the plane."

Before Consuelos even got into his apparently controversial tip, Ripa was full of spunk. She claimed that she never worries about missing a flight or running late because the former Riverdale star likes to arrive at the airport “between five and eight hours” before takeoff.

“So, I never sit in fear of like, ‘I wonder if we’ll make our flight,'” the mother of three said. “I know that no matter what happens, no matter what bus accident, train derailment, it doesn’t matter. We’ll make our flight.”

To which her husband–who turns 53 tomorrow–credited his "military precision" for them always being "on time."

"We’re not there on time," Ripa quipped. "We’re there hours ahead of time."

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