"It Looks Awful": Kelly Osbourne Says She's Never Had Plastic Surgery

Ever wondered whether Kelly Osbourne's had any work done on her face? Well, you're about to find out the truth — from her, no less.

Closeup of Kelly Osbourne
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In a recent interview with People, Kelly claimed that she's actually had zero plastic surgery on her face — except the occasional Botox injection.

Closeup of Kelly Osbourne
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"I am a huge fan of plastic surgery," she said. "What it does for people is amazing. It can change people's lives and give them the confidence they've been lacking, and make people feel beautiful in the way they want to feel beautiful."

Closeup of Kelly Osbourne
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"I've always been in the camp of, if you think it's broken, fix it," she continued. "You don't have to be stuck with a nose you hate for the rest of your life. So yes, I'm a huge fan."

Closeup of Kelly Osbourne
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"But I've never done anything but Botox. I'm too scared."

Kelly Osbourne wearing a black leather jacket, with purple hair, standing before a SiriusXM backdrop
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Kelly went on to explain that witnessing her mother Sharon recover from surgery was more than enough to scare her off from the practice.

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"I watched my mom go through every recovery from everything she's ever had done, and it looks awful," Kelly said.

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"My mom actually once told me, 'If you ever get plastic surgery, I'm moving far, far away because I won't be able to handle your moaning.'"

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Grain of salt time: The interview in question also features her name-checking a procedure that uses radio frequencies and electromagnetic energy. So, the real truth's a little specific (and spon-y), I guess — but if you want to read about that, you can go here.