Kelly Clarkson Apologizes to Her Mom for NSFW 'Tonight Show' Skit

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson had a rather uncomfortable experience during a round of "Olympictionary" on Tuesday's (March 12) episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The segment, which plays just like the game of Pictionary but much more difficult, had the Grammy winner trying her best to draw out a specific noun without using words or phrases. In doing so, she proceeded to draw a penis on the board.

"I'm so sorry, Mom!" Clarkson exclaimed.

"If you drew it smaller, I would know what it is," the late-night show host joked before incorrectly guessing, "A rocket ship?"

Fallon was then offered the hint: "Two words," as Clarkson began work on drawing the first word.

"Is that a train? A stadium? A bus?" Fallon, 49, asked to no avail. Followed by another guess, "A blimp?"

While he tried to put the two images together, he appeared stuck on the idea that the answer could be somehow related to the train or European metro.

After appearing to give up, Fallon let out, "Blimp d--k?"

As the audience roared, Clarkson joined them. "It's filthy, I don't know what it is," Fallon went on, "What in the world could that be?"

On the sidelines, fellow guests Peyton Manning and Mike Tirico were convinced they got it.

"That's a shuttle," Manning stated before sharing his final answer, "Shuttlecock."

The band then played a glorious tune, signaling that the 47-year-old former NFL star guessed right.

"You couldn't have drawn a tennis racket?" Fallon quipped. To which the "Mine" songstress replied, "I don't know what a 'shuttlecock' is!"

"Badminton!" the host yelled out.

For those who also don't know what a shuttlecock is, it's the projectile badminton players hit while enjoying a round or two of the sport. It's also called a birdie.

The more ya know!

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