If You Keep Seeing The Number 1717, It's A Sign To Self-Reflect & Trust Your Intuition

If You Keep Seeing The Number 1717, It's A Sign To Self-Reflect & Trust Your Intuition

It’s a Sunday night and you’re taking yourself on a self-care date to your favorite Thai restaurant, per your therapist. Your server hands you a bill for $17.17 and, normally, you wouldn’t bat an eye. But because you passed by 1717 Grand Avenue on the way there and also coincidentally noticed 1717 on a license plate at a red light, you’re getting an eerie feeling that something supernatural is trying to get your attention.

That’s probably because the universe *really* is speaking to you through numbers—at least, that’s how numerology explains it. 1717 is what's known as an "angel number"or a repeated sequence of numbers that offer a spiritual message from the universe.

Meet the Experts: Johanna Aúgusta, numerologist. Erin River Sunday, numerologist and astrologer.

But what kind of message is the divine trying to convey? Well, that really depends on your specific situation, but according to numerologist Johanna Aúgusta, “Angel number 1717 indicates alignment with one's true path, urging self-reflection and trust in intuition.” Maybe you’re at a standstill in your career or are wondering what the next step is in your new relationship—seeing 1717 is pretty much your green light.

Here, numerologists unpacks the message of 1717 in numerology, why it’s following you around, and how to emulate its spiritual energy.

What is an angel number?

Let’s back up for a sec. According to numerology, angel numbers are a special pattern of numbers that are often found in a repeating succession, and each one corresponds to a different meaning. You might recognize 333 or 1111 as angel numbers, but they don’t necessarily have to be the same repeating number as we see in 717.

As the name suggests, "spiritually, angel numbers represent contact from someone or something beyond the physical realm,” says numerologist and astrologer, Erin River Sunday. Since an angel probably isn’t going to magically appear, “numbers have been treated, and popularized through the study of numerology, as an everyday way to commune with the divine,” adds Sunday.

Each angel number carries its own message which can be perceived differently based on what your circumstances are. Some angel numbers may denote a warning (like someone in your circle is definitely not being forthcoming about how they feel about you). They can also serve as a reminder to that you’re exactly where you need to be, as is the case with 1717.

But ultimately, “[Angel numbers are] witnessed as hopeful assurance that we’re not alone and that there’s more beyond the mundane,” says Sunday.

What does the number 17 represent in numerology?

In order to understand the meaning behind 1717, you need a little insight into what 17 means in numerology. Aside from symbolizing new beginnings, the number 1 is all about leadership, while 7 resonates with spiritual awakening and introspection, Sunday says.

With that in mind, 17 is a product of these energies, which prompt us to turn inward and embrace ourselves and independence. “The number 17 symbolizes self-expression and inspiration,” Aúgusta explains. “It suggests that one's thoughts and actions are being positively guided.” In other words, 17 reminds you to trust to process.

But the energy of 1717 doesn’t stop at its single digits, but extends to the sum of its parts, as well. “Because 17 combines the energies of 1 and 7, and the numbers add up to equal 8, the meanings of all three can be taken into account for the overall meaning of the number,” says Sunday. “The number 8 is all about balance and the eternal exchange between the physical and material realms.” In other words, 8 represents karma and its balance of justice.

What does the angel number 1717 mean?

Now that you have the gist of 17’s messaging, you probably have a better idea of what the universe is trying to tell you a la 1717. But if not, let’s recap: The number 1 reflects the self and prompts independence and self-reflection, while the number 7 is about seeking deep wisdom. As such, 1717 is likely letting you know that a spiritual awakening is on its way. “Generally, 1717 is about rebirth,” Sunday explains.

In a way, 1717 is about endings. It’s about stripping away old parts of yourself and accepting spiritual transformations. “While some things are just getting started, others are reaching an inevitable conclusion,” explains Sunday.

It’s important to note, though, that while they can have a general vibe, “Angel numbers are rarely prescriptive,” says Sunday, who adds that they can manifest differently with specific messages for the receiver. In other words, take what the numbers represent and apply it to your current situation to decode your special message.

What does 1717 mean for my love life?

Seeing 1717 can spark a lot of feelings, especially when it comes to romance. That’s especially the case since 1717’s association with spirituality and fresh starts. Its message can be construed as both an exciting surprise of a new romantic interest and a clue that there might be something spiritually off-balance in the relationship. Below are some explanations for 1717 when it comes to your love life.

  • If you’re single: If you’re seeing 1717 while you’re single, there’s a good chance that a new relationship may blossom. But on the other hand, “Because there is a 1 involved, this number does have independence attached,” says Sunday. In that case, Sunday adds 1717 could be a message to spend more alone time with yourself.

  • If you’re in a relationship: Being partnered and seeing 1717 may be your sign to assess whether your significant other is aligned with your spiritual path. If so, great! But clues that they’re not may show up and be hard to ignore. Ultimately, Sunday explains that 1717 is a sign that you need alone time. “Codependency issues could be circling, and this angel number is encouraging you to come back into balance,” Sunday explains.

  • If you're going through a breakup: The angel number 1717 showing up during a romantic separation is your cue to heal. It’s all about putting yourself first—but prepare for major shifts when it comes to how you see yourself. “During a breakup, it might indicate personal transformation and the need for self-healing,” says Aúgusta.

What does 1717 mean for Twin Flames?

With all this talk about messages from the universe, it makes sense that if you see 1717, the idea of twin flames might cross your mind. After all, what could be more apparent of a rebirth than the guidance of a twin flame escorting you along the way?

FYI, a twin flame is a divine union, similar to a soulmate, but more intense and often *tumultuous*. Put simply, twin flames are here to teach us hard lessons in life that allow us to grow spiritually. Naturally, seeing 1717 might have you perk up in search of this mystical bond. But Sunday explains that there’s some unfinished business left to deal with first.

“Twin flame relationships need more independence and solo time if 1717 is coming up,” Sunday explains. “The couple is likely to be mirroring each other, and might have repeating situations coming up that need to be resolved.” That’s not to say 1717 swears off twin flames entirely, it just means that there’s some soul-searching that needs to happen before you meet them.

What does 1717 mean for my finances and career?

At first glance, 1717 doesn’t give off girlboss vibes—at all. But considering the number 1 is about independence and leadership, decoding the angel number from a professional lens isn’t all that out of the ordinary. Numerology suggests that 1717 could actually bring a fresh flow of creativity and motivation that may assist in moving the needle in your career. “While it doesn’t point to working with others necessarily, [1717 is] very supportive for launching a product or carrying forward with a new idea,” says Sunday.

On the other hand, the spiritual aspect of 1717 prompts reflection on your professional endeavors and assess whether it’s been serving you spiritually—especially ahead of the major transformations the angel number brings. “Career-wise, it could indicate a significant change, like a shift, conclusion, or promotion,” Aúgusta explains.

When it comes to finances, Sunday says 1717 is telling you to think outside of the box. “Initiating new revenue streams would be supportive,” adds Sunday. The spiritual nature of 1717 might give you an idea of what kind of creative ways to elevate your finances. Hint: Turning a niche hobby or interest into a side hustle is a great way to honor your deepest passions and your money goals.

Why do I keep seeing 1717 everywhere?

If 1717 has been badgering you for your attention, major change is afoot—and the universe is asking you to take stock of your life as it is right now. Perhaps things are out of balance in your life on the spiritual front, and some serious maintenance is due.

“Regularly seeing 1717 suggests a message to reassess life paths, seek support, or embrace new beginnings,” Aúgusta says. “It's a prompt from the universe or angels to focus on personal growth and life purpose.”

With 1’s presence being associated with independence and leadership, there could be a power struggle between you and someone else. The universe is likely reminding you that you need to spend quality time with yourself, or that you need to reclaim control over your own life. “In general, this message is likely encouraging your independence and spirituality,” says Sunday.

Remember, angel numbers can take on a different significance depending on your unique situation. “While numbers 1-9 have specific meanings, when they repeat they can take on a life of their own with specific messages for the receiver,” says Sunday. That said, look at your current situation from the lens of these themes, which, per Sunday, helps if you connect the dots with all of the other synchronicities you might be experiencing—like hearing a significant song or randomly running into someone from a previous phase of your life the day before you were thinking of them.

How do I harness the power of 1717 energy?

Generally, noticing angel numbers in heaps prompts action. In the grand scheme of things, Aúgusta says seeing 1717 involves aligning your actions with higher self-awareness. If you’re called to do more meaningful work, for example, your spirit guides may be encouraging you to explore organizations that better suit your ethics.

If you want a more tangible practice, “It’s all about listening to what the angel number means and applying it to your life. “To leverage the energy of 1717, practices like meditation, manifestation scripting, and releasing negative energies can be beneficial,” says Aúgusta. When it comes to manifestation, jot down your intentions and focus on the things you want to attract in your life (preferably that which fuels your soul), and let them go into the universe.

Emphasis on the letting go, part. “Release work is powerful in numerology because if a number is showing up for you, it’s inherently adding to your life—meaning you might need to let something else go to bring in the magic,” explains Sunday.

There’s no right or wrong way to harness the power of an angel number—so long as you remain open to the message they’re sending you. It’s all about listening to what the angel number means and applying it to your life, whatever era you may be in right now.

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