What To Keep In Mind When Ordering Costco's Custom Cakes

sheet cake with decorations
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Instead of trying to make a sheet cake at home, you have an easier option if you're a Costco member. If you hold a Costco membership, you have access to the bakeries located inside the Costco stores. While you can browse Costco's usual selection of vanilla, chocolate, and seasonal cakes kept in their cooling racks, you can also pre-order a cake and put some of the power in your hands when it comes to choosing flavors and designs. From classic white and chocolate sheet cakes topped with icing to orders filled with cheesecake or chocolate mousse, you can take home the cake that is right for your special day.

To order a cake instead of buying a pre-made one, however, you'll need to plan ahead as you must visit a Costco store in person to complete a cake order form. The form allows you to indicate design preferences, like balloons for a birthday or roses to honor a loved one (or mark a recent foray into singledom). You can also indicate specific messages you'd like written on the cake and opt to have your cake scored so that cutting is easier when you get home. This can be helpful if you choose to order a half sheet meant to feed several dozen mouths.

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A Stress-Free Path To Cake You Don't Need To Make

sheet cake with icing flowers
sheet cake with icing flowers - Park Ave Pics/Shutterstock

Should you have a specific design in mind that isn't listed on Costco's order form, you can ask the attendant if the bakers might accommodate your request. You may or may not get lucky. If the answer is no, you can head to the baking aisle and pick up some decorations to embellish your cake once you get home.

Prices can vary from store to store, but count on spending around $16 for a 10-inch round custom cake. The half-sheet treats will take around $25 out of your wallet. Costco stores also have different pick-up processes, so be prepared to look for your cake in a fridge or ask a bakery worker to collect your special order on the planned date of pick-up. Costco's in-store bakeries typically want a full day's notice to accommodate your cake order, and if you're searching to find the bakery's telephone number to call, you may be hard-pressed to find it. Additionally, since Costco is closed on several major holidays, plan any seasonal cake-ordering requests to match the calendar so you can slice into your cake with as little stress as possible.

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