Katie Couric's Lemon Chicken Is My New Favorite Easy Summer Supper

When summer comes around I grab all of the bright flavors the warmer season has in store, but I seldom feel motivated to cook anything complicated. The last thing I want to do in the summertime is to drudge away in my hot kitchen, which is why I gravitate towards no-fuss, big-flavor recipes. When I uncovered Katie Couric’s recipe for lemon chicken I suspected it might check both of those boxes.

The recipe, which first appeared in the Today’s Kitchen Cookbook, trims the fat and gets straight to the facts: a delicious 4-ingredient dinner that comes together in no time. As a fan of the CNN reporter and former Today Show co-anchor, this recipe instantly appealed to me and I didn't skip a beat to give it a try in my own kitchen.

Get the recipe: Katie Couric's Lemon Chicken

Ingredients for Katie Couric's Lemon Chicken<p>Courtesy of Dante Parker</p>
Ingredients for Katie Couric's Lemon Chicken

Courtesy of Dante Parker

Ingredients for Katie Couric’s Lemon Chicken

To make this headlining dish, you’ll need chicken breasts, flour, butter, olive oil, lemons, chicken broth, salt, pepper, fresh parsley and lemon slices for garnish. To make it a full meal, add some cooked basmati rice.

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Cooking Katie Couric's Lemon Chicken<p>Courtesy of Dante Parker</p>
Cooking Katie Couric's Lemon Chicken

Courtesy of Dante Parker

How to Make Katie Couric’s Lemon Chicken

I don’t know your thoughts on cleaning meat before cooking it, but I began this recipe by soaking the chicken breasts in a mixture of water and vinegar. Next, as the recipe calls for, use a cleaver to flatten the breasts until they're an even thickness. Then, evenly coat both sides of each chicken breast in flour.

In a large saucepan, heat up your butter and olive oil until they begin to sizzle. Add in the chicken breasts and sauté them evenly on both sides. Let them cook until they're crispy and golden brown, which only takes a few minutes.

Next, make the sauce. Add some flour to the same you cooked the chicken in. Cook the flour for about one minute, then pour in the chicken broth and lemon juice. Once combined, reduce the heat, and add the chicken back to the pan.

After the sauce has reached your desired consistency, place the chicken breasts over a bed of cooked rice, and pour the sauce on top. Garnish with chopped parsley and lemon slices.

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Finished and plated Katie Couric's Lemon Chicken<p>Courtesy of Dante Parker</p>
Finished and plated Katie Couric's Lemon Chicken

Courtesy of Dante Parker

What I Thought About Katie Couric’s Lemon Chicken

Extra! Extra! This recipe is ready for the big time and deserves all the coverage it can get. The chicken had a great lemony taste and the skin cooked up nice and crispy. For such a quick meal, I was surprised at how delicious it all tasted. For all of those hot nights when I want a home-cooked meal, but I can't be bothered to make a lot of effort, this will be my new go-to.

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Tips for Making Katie Couric’s Lemon Chicken

  1. Don’t rush to flip the chicken. Allow plenty of time to cook the chicken on each side, giving the skin time to crisp up. If you flip the meat too soon the skin may fall off.

  2. Add a little bit of lemon pepper seasoning. It helps take this chicken to the next level.

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