Awkward moment Kate caught on camera shrugging Wills' hand off her shoulder

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

We’re used to seeing Kate Middleton and Prince William acting extremely professional when they’re out and about on official royal duty.

So when the 37-year-old Duke of Cambridge tried to initiate a bit of PDA with the 37-year-old Duchess of Cambridge while they appeared on the BBC's documentary A Berry Royal Christmas, she dodged his shoulder tap like a hot potato. 

Kate Middleton and Prince William have been caught in an awkward moment on a BBC series. Photo: BBC

Kate could be seen looking at William as they sat in a round circle discussion by a fire with a group of volunteers from charities they support. 

The Duke could then be seen reaching out towards his wife’s shoulder, with Kate appearing to flinch to avoid his touch. 

One Twitter user commented saying that Kate "moved with a quickness" during the BBC filming, while others were shocked at what they had just witnessed. 

"What just happened here???? Ouch!", one person said, while another commented on a Twitter video of the moment saying: “Very Donald and Melania!”

However, others thought the footage has been blown out of proportion. 

“I like the way they interact , it’s professional. I don’t want to see excessive hand holding and back rubbing. It’s awkward, like you’re intruding on a private moment,” one person said. 

Kate almost flinched to avoid the awkward PDA. Photo: BBC

“Why can’t people just be content with the fact that she didn’t feel a PDA was appropriate at that moment/at that event, it wasn’t about them, it was about all the volunteers. I wish people would stop trying to pick holes in their relationship,” another said. 

While Twitter has blown up since the moment appeared on the show, it clearly didn’t affect the couple, who continued with the show, revealing all about their day-to-day lives at Kensington Palace. 

Prince William revealed to British baking icon Mary Berry that Kate does most of the cooking when they’re at home, as they joined the former Great British Bake Off judge to whip up a delicious feast on the show.

But Kate admitted that Prince William does put the effort in with one meal. 

"He sometimes does actually. He's very good at breakfast. University days, he used to cook all sorts of meals. I think that's when he was trying to impress me, Mary. Things like bolognese sauce and things like that," she said.

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