Karl Stefanovic breaks silence amid claims he's set to be 'axed' from Today


Taking some advice from Taylor Swift, Karl Stefanovic is shaking off reports he may be sacked from Today.

Following a report from the The Sunday Telegraph claiming the 44-year-old is set to be “axed” from the breakfast show and replaced in the new year, Karl broke his silence and insisted all that matters in life are his “family and friends”.

Posting a photo to his Instagram account of himself with fiancée Jasmine Yarbrough, brother Peter Stefanovic and friend Chris Waller, Karl appeared to brush off any claims he is set to be replaced.

“I’m incredibly grateful for the family and friends I have in this world,” Karl captioned the photo. “It’s all that matters really.

“I’m so proud of them.”

In recent years there has been a lot of talk surrounding Karl’s personal life with the demise of 21-year marriage to Cassandra Thorburn, rebounding with shoe designer Jasmine shortly after their split, and the ‘Ubergate’ scandal which saw him talking negatively about his co-host Georgie Gardner.

Claims have emerged Karl Stefanovic is set to be “axed” from <em>Today</em>. Photo: Channel Nine
Claims have emerged Karl Stefanovic is set to be “axed” from Today. Photo: Channel Nine

“Top-level sources at Channel 9’s Willoughby studios say the embattled Today host is officially ‘gone’,” The Sunday Telegraph claimed.

While it seemed the network was sticking by Karl after his very public marriage bust-up, it’s claimed the 44-year-old will likely “be replaced in the new year”.

According to media analyst Steve Allen, the key demographic of the Today show “basically now think [Karl] is an a**hole”.

Karl with ex-wife Cassandra Thorburn. Photo: Getty
Karl with ex-wife Cassandra Thorburn. Photo: Getty

“Here you have his ex-wife who supported him and raised his kids and she’s left out in the cold while he is off with his younger girlfriend in various exotic locations on holidays every other week,” he told the publication.

“For Nine to think that there is any other reason viewers are off the show is, to me, just complete denial.”

However, executive producer Mark Calvert is standing by Karl refuting the claims.

He described the host as a “bloody great broadcaster”, while stating, “we are the first to acknowledge our ratings are not as good right now as we would like”.

Be has contacted Channel Nine for comment.

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