Kardashian stars erase 'racist' photos after backlash

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Kardashian-adjacents Scott Disick and Brody Jenner have come under fire for a truly bizarre app endorsement that followers quickly slammed as ‘racist’.

The pair took to Twitter to share their photos taken with the Gradient Face App, an app that transforms users’ faces into a variety of race phenotypes using a filter – a series of images that unsurprisingly prompted massive backlash against the two men.

Scott Disick race filter Gradient app image
An image of Scott Disick filtered into a variety of races has unsurprisingly sparked fury. Photo: Twitter/ScottDisick

The duo backflipped in record time, swiftly deleting the tweets and images as criticism came pouring in, but not before eagle-eyed fans managed to capture the tweet in damning screengrabs.

The pair were spruiking photo app Gradient’s newest feature – a ‘race filter’.

Users can snap a selfie and transform themselves into a range of different races from ‘Asian’, to ‘African’, to ‘European’ and ‘Arabic’.

Scott and Brody each decided to upload screenshots of their own photos using the filter, with both coming up transformed into races including ‘Asian’, ‘Indian’ and ‘African’, or, as one Twitter user put it, in yellowface, brownface and blackface.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

“You need to try this new feature in the gradient app, it’s crazy,” Brody captioned his tweet.

Scott took it a step further, asking fans, ‘which one is better?’

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter


Online users furious over ‘blackface’ images

The photos unsurprisingly drew the ire of online commentators, most of whom were simply baffled the pair thought the photos wouldn’t cause a controversy given the widespread commentary around race and appropriation that has dominated headlines in 2020.

“Can’t believe you pressed send tweet on this....” one user wrote.

Tweet reads: “Can’t believe you pressed send tweet on this....”
Photo: Twitter

“Not digital black face,” another virtually eye-rolled.

Tweet reads: “Not digital black face"
Photo: Twitter

“Blackface, yellowface, and brownface, all in one tweet?!” a bemused user asked. “Wow, someone who truly does it all.”

Tweet reads: “Blackface, yellowface, and brownface, all in one tweet?! Wow, someone who truly does it all."
Photo: Twitter

“The way my mouth dropped...” one gobsmacked onlooker wrote. “Why is there even an app like this[?]”

Tweet reads: “The way my mouth dropped... Why is there even an app like this[?]”
Photo: Twitter

The controversy saw both the reality stars pull the tweets, though neither has publically responded to the criticism.

The app has also been spruiked by other influencers, all of whom are white and has been roundly criticised online.

The controversy comes on the back of the announcement that Keeping Up With The Kardashians will end after 14 years with its 20th season, set to be released this year.

The bombshell was dropped by the Kardashian sisters earlier in September sparking an outcry from fans.

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