Kanye West's bizarre comment about being married to Kim

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Have been married for five years. Photo: Getty Images

While Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s marriage is among the celeb world’s most high profile, the pair somehow manage to keep many of its details private.

But during an appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden on Monday night, Kanye let slip a fairly bizarre take on his five-year-long marriage.

Inside the Wests’ world

Before discussing his and Kim’s union, Kanye was asked about why fans feel so connected to his music—concluding it’s all to do with surviving certain hardships.

“If it was just, ‘Oh, we grew up with this guy’s music and now he’s a superstar’, it’s less compelling than, ‘Oh, this guy had a mental breakdown. This guy was in debt. This guy’s been through…’”

While staying semi-tight-lipped, the same attitude, he said, was applicable to marriage.

“Ya know, not been through, but this guy has a beautiful five years of marriage,” Kanye said.

Kanye and Kim share four children including eldest two, North and Saint. Photo: Getty Images

“You know, marriage years are different than human — like, you know how dogs are, what is it, seven years? Every marriage year is like a hundred years. It’s like 500 years of marriage.”

And while many could have taken the quip the wrong way, Kanye backed up its merit with another very on-brand statement.

“People thought it would be uncool to be married, and then I got married and people thought ‘oh that looks cool’,” he claimed.

“[And] It's more than cool, more than cool as hell or something, It's heavenly, it's great, it's magnificent.”

Nice save, Kanye.

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