Kaley Cuoco Shares How She's Dealt With Mom Shaming: 'A Little Too Much'

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco, who welcomed her first child, a daughter named Matilda, with fiancé Tom Pelphrey last April, opened up about her perspective on mom shaming while promoting a new project.

At the premiere of her new film Role Play, Cuoco addressed mom shaming while talking with ET. She declared that she doesn't take parenting advice from others, saying, "Your child is your child and it's not like the next kid."

"You, as a parent, are not like that parent, and what that child needs is not what my child needs," she went on. "From the minute I even knew I was pregnant, I'm like, 'We're doing this our way.'"

To sum it up, Cuoco said, "So my advice is no advice!"

Noting that "it worked out great," the Flight Attendant actress elaborated on her stance when dealing with other parents or people who want to give their two cents about what she should or shouldn't be doing.

"I didn't really open myself up to listening and responding to other moms because it just becomes a little too much for me. There's gonna be more questions and probably anger than I want to hear," she concluded.

Cuoco's new interview about parenting her young daughter Matilda comes not long after she shared a recent challenging experience she had on a plane with another passenger. While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Cuoco recounted flying with Matilda for the first time ever around Thanksgiving.

She and Pelphrey were nervous, and they decided to bring their baby's white noise machine along to help her sleep on the plane. Since "it's the only thing she can go to sleep to," the new parents turned it on during the flight, but apparently, the person in front of them couldn't deal with the noise and requested they turn it off.

Cuoco stated she was "so angry" about it, adding that the passenger even made a snarky comment directly to them as they got off. The actress joked that she "could have thrown that woman off the plane" after hearing that.

Thankfully, Cuoco seems to be learning how to brush off the mom shaming as she and Pelphrey enjoy life as new parents to daughter Matilda.

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