Kaley Cuoco Recounts 'Day from Hell' With Toddler Daughter

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco isn't sugar-coating what it's like traveling with a toddler. Instead, the Big Bang Theory actress likely left parents nodding while laughing as she recounted her "day from hell" flying with her daughter, Matilda.

On Saturday, Feb. 24, Cuoco shared photos and video clips to her Instagram Story of her recent trip with the 10-month-old, whom she shares with her boyfriend, actor Tom Pelphrey.

"How did we make it to the east coast in one piece after the travel day from hell!? Well," she wrote alongside a photo of Matilda in a stroller while holding a stuffed bunny, per People.

While waiting at the airport, Cuoco's daughter enjoyed dancing with her aunt, Briana Cuoco, and after their flight was delayed, munching on snacks with Briana's partner, Brian Logan Dales.

"Another delay," Kaley captioned an image of Matilda holding her bottle while the actress drank out of a glass. "We did some day drinking."

The Flight Attendant actress also shared photos of her daughter walking around with Briana tumbling in front of her mama. "5 hours later baby decided she likes to hang upside down," Kaley shared. "God help us."

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In their last stretch of waiting, Matilda discovered she could "smack mommy in the face multiple times" and took a short nap.

“Finally make it on the plane,” Cuoco wrote in another update after their flight was delayed for hours. “At this point I’m not sure who i am anymore and who I will become.”

Another video showed her and Matilda dancing on the pane when the actress would rather have been sleeping. “No clue what this was or why we were boppin," she wrote. “I was praying she would sleep so I could sleep but no we didn’t sleep no one slept ever.”

She added: “Here’s hoping she sleeps the next 3 days straight."

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Ultimately, Cuoco survived the stressful ordeal—and she stressed that Matilda handled the long travel day like a champ.

“All in all this baby did amazing. I was the wreck,” she wrote. “She was fine and if anyone is still reading, these types of days are for surviving. A dessert (or 7), a kid movie, some wine for mom, the nicest flight attendants thank goodness!”

Cuoco concluded: “Just do what you can to survive!”

And all the parents said, "Amen!"

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