Why this breathtaking Aussie destination should be your next lockdown escape

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

As borders reopen between states, but international travel remains an unlikely scenario for most, an interstate getaway has never been higher on Aussie’s to-do lists.

Now, with the Northern Territory set to open it’s border from the July 17, Aussies will have the chance to access one of the country’s most gorgeous natural destinations for a much needed holiday, and they won’t have to break the bank either.

Kakadu National Park is emerging as a top destination for travellers once the borders open, with budget accommodation options, not to mention the breathtaking natural wonder at your fingertips.

Aussie's encouraged to visit Kakadu National Park as isolation sees international tourism stop, leave park free for Aussie tourists.

The Territory’s three driest seasons sit between May and October and are considered the optimal time to visit the park without risking the deluge of the wetter seasons later in the year.

Just to make it that little bit sweet, JetStar and Qantas are offering unusually low flights in the period, with fares as low as $189 one way in July for Sydney flyers.

Spotting a croc or two isn't all Kakadu has to offer tourists. Photo: Getty Images

Aussies are being encouraged to jump on board the opportunity to visit the park the one year it won’t be crowded with international tourists.

Given the ongoing international border closure, the usually hectic dry Winter season will this year be Australian tourist’s playground, a rare opportunity that could be once in a lifetime according to Kakakdu tourism.

The World Heritage-listed site coverers a whopping 20,000 square kilometres and is home to oldest Indigenous rock art in the world and sits within a three-hour drive on Darwin.

What to do:

The infinity pool Gunlom located at the top of Waterfall Creek is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Photo: Supplied
  • Catch the sunset at the Ubirr rock formation, where rock art unrolls thousands of years of history above the sweeping Nadab Plain that rolls out beneath you.

  • Take a cruise down Yellow Water Billabong. The cruises give travellers the chance to spot flora and fauna including a crocodile or two if you’re lucky.

  • Take a dip in Australia’s most famous infinity pool Gunlom. Made famous by Crocodile Dundee, Gunlom sits at the top of a waterfall and is an array of naturally occurring plunge pools and an infinity rock pool with a panoramic view of the park below.

Nourlangie Rock and the Anbangbang billabong house some of the world' most iconic and ancient Indigenous art. Photo: Supplied
  • Check out the world’s oldest art at Nourlangie Rock and the Anbangbang Billabong, where Indigenous Australians have recorded history for tens of thousands of years. The art against the stunning natural backdrop is widely regarded aas one of Australia’s greatest natural attractions.

How to get there:

  • For visitors from interstate catch a flight into Darwin, currently offered by Jetstar and Qantas at unusually budget rates from July 17 on.

A sunrise cruise on the Yellow Water Billabong is recommended for anyone keep to spot a crocodile. Photo: Supplied
  • Once in Darwin Kakadu is a three-hour drive, and Kakadu Tourism recommends travellers hire a 4WD from any of the many car hire companies in Darwin to make the most of their trip through the natural wonder.

Where to stay:

  • For the full Crocodile Dundee experience, camping is a popular and surprisingly cheap option. Cooinda Lodge in the park’s southern area has extensive camping and Caravan ground are available from $40 a night, or if you wanted to treat yourself to a little luxury Glamping can be booked from $170 per night.

  • If you need four walls and bed between you and the crocs, Cooinda Lodge also offers rooms from $216 per night. The lodge also contains amenities including pools, a petrol station and a general store.

  • Jabiru, Kakadu’s main town also has the Mercure Kakadu Crocodile Hotel offering rooms from $159 per night for a slightly more budget-friendly option.

  • All accommodation can be booked through Kakadu Tourism here.

Suffice it to say it would be wise to get your tickets before they are snapped up, and enjoy the park at the least crowded it will probably ever be.

And, I mean, who among us isn’t dying for a holiday right now?

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