Kaia Gerber has gone against tradition, dyeing her hair darker for summer 2024

Darker hair... for summer? There must be a glitch in the matrix; a malfunction in the beauty system, even, because as the adage goes, we (yes, we, the trend-following girlies are, in fact, a collective) succumb to lighter locks in the warmer months and go darker for the chillier climes. Natch. However, one celebrity who is going against the grain by dyeing her hair an almost jet-black colour for summer 2024 (!!) is Kaia Gerber. Can I get a duff duff, Eastenders?

Earlier this week, the model was spotted out in the streets of Soho, New York with a fresh 'd0. And while not a drastic nor dramatic transformation *cough* Kim Kardashian and her gothic red butt-skimming locks *cough* it's certainly still one to note (read: add to our Pinterest hairspiration board).

She is going against the grain, after all!

kaia gerber
Gotham - Getty Images

As shown with the above pap snap, Kaia has opted to dye her strands a few shades darker, teetering on a raven shade of dark brown. To compare, see a selfie she shared below on Instagram circa this time last year:

Quite the change, huh?

Now, as much as I'd love to tout Kaia as a pioneer for not having fallen victim to traditions, she has, instead, fallen victim to the current hair trends. Surprisingly, multidimensional shades of rich blonde and darker brunette tones are in and as a result, “we’re going to see more people dyeing their hair darker this season,” celebrity hairstylist Mitchell Ramazon previously told Cosmopolitan UK.

So, to achieve a look similar to that of Kaia's, we recommend opting for a demi-permanent hair dye when going darker – it's a good rule of thumb for upkeep and creating a natural diffusion of colour once your roots grow out. K?

Let your freak flag (and whatever hair colour you choose to rock this season) fly. Traditions? Trends? The rules are these for us to break, I guess!

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