Justin Trudeau slammed for letting his son wear a dress for Halloween

Nisean Lorde

Justin Trudeau and his family channelled their inner superheroes for Halloween on Tuesday night — and they just may have won the holiday.

Decked out in a pair of nerdy glasses and a blue suit with a Superman leotard peeking through, the Canadian Prime Minister made the perfect Clark Kent.

His wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau and their daughter Ella-Grace, eight, both rocked Wonder Woman costumes while 10-year-old Xavier channelled a werewolf (or perhaps Wolverine).

The Trudeau family absolutely nailed Halloween. Photo: Instagram

But it was Trudeau’s three-year-old son Hadrien who stole the show.

Decked out in an adorable pink dress and matching hat, Hadrien channelled Skye — a female cockapoo — from the Canadian cartoon series PAW Patrol.

The Trudeau family costumes received praise worldwide across social media, with many labeling them the “perfect,” or “most beautiful” family — although a few took issue with Hadrien’s costume.

Hadrien dressed up in his favourite 'Paw Patrol' costume. Photo: Twitter

“Sorry, but I don’t remember Superboy to be dressed as a girl,” wrote one Instagram follower.

“If you teach a male child to act like a girl, don’t you think you can create some confusion?” another questioned.

The majority, thankfully, praised the family for their costume choices and reminded naysayers there is no room for judgement.

The PM has been praised for his parenting approach. Photo: Twitter

“Most people here don’t stress over stuff like this,” wrote one Instagram user in response to criticism of Hadrien’s outfit. “It’s just a costume, only adults make a big deal out of stuff like that. And children learn from adults. We Canadians are very lucky. And most of us don’t judge.”

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