We Just Discovered a Sandwich Trick That We Didn't Know We Needed

When it comes to sandwiches, people have strong feelings. What's the best way to make a BLT? Is there a trick to the perfect panini? What about egg salad? And don't even get us started on breakfast sandwiches. If you can make it with two pieces of bread, there are plenty of people who are more than happy to provide their hot takes.

And this extends down to the most minute details, including the proper way to toast bread for your sandwich. A quick search will show that there are a ton of opinions on the matter that get thrown around in search of the most efficient one. The most creative method we've seen to date comes from one curious home cook, who took to Reddit to share their out-of-the-box thinking.

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Why You Should Stack Your Bread When Toasting It

According to the author behind the post, the best way to toast bread for sandwiches is to simply stack the two slices together when you toast them. This method keeps one side of the bread slices soft and pliable while the exterior gets that familiar toasty crunch. The result is what the Redditor calls a “spill-out-proof sandwich.”

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But of course, there were a few dissenting opinions in the comments. One commenter contended, “And you eliminate the flavor on the crust by half" because “the browning on the sides of the toast gives the bread way more flavor.”

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The author of the post was quick to point out that they have not noticed any difference in taste since beginning to make their sandwiches this way, and mention that their method makes it so much easier to eat “squishy things.”

“I wouldn’t even begin to try eating creamy scrambled eggs on double-sided,” the author of the post says. “It’d go right out the sides and onto my shirt.”

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And while the two parties were able to agree that they were splitting hairs with their arguments on overall flavor, they were both able to agree that plenty of people would appreciate the new tip.

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