Your Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction Tarot Reading Reveals Big Surprises!

Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction 2024

Have you noticed time accelerating? You're not tripping—we're gaining momentum! We are under one of the year's most energetically exciting astral meet-ups. Between mid-March and mid-May, Uranus (originality) is being magnified by Jupiter (abundance). This once-every-fourteen-years combination (crystalizing on April 20, 2024) hasn't happened in Taurus since the 1940s, which astrologers predict will deliver windfalls, out-of-the-blue romances, and major breakthroughs! This will be particularly true for those with planets in the mid-to-late degrees of the earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

Being the planet of innovation and invention, Uranus brings the archetype of the "revolutionary genius"—the cosmic trendsetter unafraid of stepping into the unknown! But there is a catch! Due to Uranus being of a swift and electrical nature, those who fail to ground its influence could experience, instead of a breakthrough…a nervous breakdown! Curious about how can your sign channel the Jupiter conjunct Uranus sweet vibrations? We asked the tarot—make sure to read your sun sign as well as your rising sign.

Aries: The Emperor Reversed

You are so close to experiencing a radical turn of events—in the positive direction, Aries. However, the reversal meaning of this card points to you not taking full responsibility or authority for the outcome you are chasing. Luck is on your side—especially when it comes to achieving financial freedom—but money and wealth might have a harder time finding you without the proper order and structure.

Taurus: Queen of Swords

This conjunction happening in your sign means 2024 could be a memorable year, Taurus! While a lot of change has been (and is still) happening in your life, this card urges you to avoid making decisions based solely on emotion. Constructive criticism and logic are vital for you to become the Queen or King of your own life by giving birth to an idea that could catapult you to major success now!

Gemini: Four of Pentacles Reversed

Abundance comes in many forms, Gemini—and for you, it is now promising to arrive in non-tangible ways. Instead of chasing wealth, money, or material possessions at this time, try being generous with what you already have. By practicing the art of non-attachment, the universe will grant you something that will truly stay with you forever and long-term, which is true spiritual wisdom.

Cancer: Justice Reversed

The law of karma is active for you now, Cancer. During this rare Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, you might find out that someone hasn’t been sincere, especially concerning your social circle or business collaborations. There is nothing for you to do now except trust that the universe will liberate you from such connection and that once everything is aired out, justice will be served, as it always is.

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Leo: Nine of Pentacles Reversed

It’s time to tighten your belt, Leo! If you’ve been spending recklessly, this card asks you to make smarter choices with your resources to avoid losing money now. Instead of taking a financial risk, be conservative and save every week (even if it’s a small amount) for a rainy day. Enlisting the help of financial appts and technology would be of great help now!

Virgo: Page of Pentacles

Your hard work is about to be rewarded, Virgo! Your sign is one of the top receivers of this sweet and exciting meet-up between the planet of abundance and the planet of surprises. A windfall could very well be in your future in the form of a bonus, raise, or even a past investment. Alternatively, a genius idea could suddenly reach you when you least expect it.

Libra: Page of Swords Reversed

Seek grounding, Libra. This card says it’s time to get out of your head and more into your body. If you’ve been overthinking or overanalyzing a person or situation, the nervous energy of this conjunction could drive you to act on false information or even plain gossip. Avoid deceiving company and instead, seek time alone in nature to avoid any deceptive vibes that might be flying around you now.

Scorpio: Page of Cups

Go deeper, Scorpio. Your strategy to achieve a major breakthrough lies in uniting intellect and emotion. Intuition is leading you to an idea, but it is studying and researching what will bring the aha moment you’ve been waiting for. Enroll in that course, ask all the questions, and allow yourself to dig deeper. After all, this is your superpower and one that can take you to new heights!

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Sagittarius: The Empress Reversed

Mighty Jupiter is your planet, Archer, and its exciting meet-up with Uranus could be an eye-opening moment. A ground-breaking new beginning is in store for you, but to fully kick it in, you must first re-connect with a sincere, deep feeling of gratitude for what you already have. Take a look around and notice the beauty that surrounds you, then watch yourself attract even more of that.

Capricorn: The Sun

Dare to shine like the entire universe was yours, Capricorn! Abundance, success, and radiance are all yours for the taking and are the result of your great efforts. Sharing your light and leading by example are your tools for magic manifestation. You are a true leader, and inspiring others now leads you to breakthroughs, aha moments, and genius ideas, so claim your spot in the limelight!

Aquarius: Five of Swords

What is more important to you, Aquarius, mutual progress or winning? This card warns you that if you’ve engaged in some sort of competition, the nervous energy of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction could stack the odds against you. Alternatively, you could be searching for the solution to a puzzling question or situation. The answer you’re looking for lies in reaching deep states of meditation.

Pisces: Five of Wands

You are a lover and not a fighter, Pisces. But this card urges you to engage in healthy competition and/or dialogue. Cooperating and exchanging ideas with others who think differently is now bound to light your inner fire and perhaps even lead you to unexpected expansion. Foreign places, faces, and ideologies are your door to epiphanies and quantum-level advancements.

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