Julie Bowen pokes fun at crush on Harry Styles and her flirty sign at concert: ‘He could do worse than me’

Julie Bowen has spoken out about her on-going crush on Harry Styles and the flirtatious sign that she brought to his concert.

The 53-year-old was asked about her admiration for Styles and viral concert signs during a recent appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show. After Bowen claimed that “everyone has a crush” on the singer and encouraged Jennifer Hudson to do a duet with him, she recalled attending his concert in California in January.

Hudson’s programme then showcased footage of Bowen at the event, as she was standing in the pit of the concert.

“There’s all famous people up in the rafters, you know the fancy seats,” she said. “And I was in the pit, because that’s the kind of fan I am.”

She described how much fun she had with fellow fans and joked about how “exciting” it was to see Styles rip his pants on stage. Bowen then mentioned her iconic pink heart sign, which read: “Harry I’m old” on one side, while the other side said: “But I know what I’m doing.”

“All the kids made signs, they’re like ‘Harry, I love you,’ and I went with five girls and my son,” she said. Bowen is the mother of three sons, as she shares her 15-year-old, Oliver, and 13-year-old twins, John and Gustav, with ex-husband Scott Phillips.

Speaking to Hudson, the Modern Family star joked about Styles potentially dating her. “I think he could do worse than me!” she said. “I mean I’m not the youngest, but I think I could show him a good time.”

Hudson agreed with the sentiment, before asking Bowen if she’s gotten the “As It Was” singer’s “attention” or if he knew how big of a fan she is. In response, Bowen said “no,” before encouraging Styles to reach out to her.

“He has not slid into my DMs, I do check nightly,” she said. “Harry, if you’d like to slide into my DMs just do it, it’s right there.”

“I don’t think he knows I exist, but I stood there with that sign flipping it back and forth, so maybe,” Bowen added.

Last year, the actor opened up about her single life and how she’s retired from dating, during a conversation with Adam DeVine on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. However, she did confess that she wouldn’t hesitate to go out on a date with Styles.

“You’re asking me if I’d come out of [dating] retirement for Harry Styles?” she told DeVine. “Oh, hell yeah. Him? Look at him!”

Bowen specified that Styles is “gorgeous and sexy” and said that his energy was the same as Stephen “Twitch” Boss’, who died by suicide in December 2022.

“But there’s so much joy that you don’t feel dirty about what’s happening in your pants,” the Happy Gilmore star added about Styles. “He’s just bringing the joy and the light and the Watermelon Sugar. You just feel good about the whole experience.”

Meanwhile, Styles’ apparent love life has continued to make headlines, as he was filmed kissing model Emily Ratajkowski this month, while they were standing together on a street in Tokyo.