Tell Us The Wildest Out-Of-Pocket Thing Your Grandparent Ever Did In Their Life

Let's face it: Most families have a supremely juicy, wild, or shocking secret up their sleeve.

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And sometimes the most jaw-dropping ones are about your own grandparents (yes: those folks you thought were innocent were, in reality, pretty darn out-of-pocket).

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This made me want to ask you, dear reader: What's the most shocking secret about your grandparent?

Maybe when your grandpa died, you learned that he had a secret second family. He was having an affair with another woman, and they had a bunch of kids together.

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Or perhaps your grandma told you that she was a sex worker in her 30s because she needed the money to support her family.

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Or maybe you discovered that your grandparents spent the night in jail back in the day for driving over the speed limit in their hometown, and their friends had to bail them out.

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Whatever the story is, we want to know! Tell us the juiciest, wildest, or most shocking secret about your grandparents below (or in this Google form if you want to remain anonymous).

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The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!