Administrative And HR Workers, Tell Us The Wildest Secret You Ever Kept For A Boss Or Company

If you work for a company long enough, you're bound to learn some juicy secrets and wild gossip about your employers. That goes double for anyone who works closely with management.

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Anyone who works as a secretary, assistant, or other administrative position is bound to come across big secrets. Your boss might ask you to hide his affairs from his wife, or maybe you work in HR and have access to all the company's internal conflicts.

Screenshot from "The Devil Wears Prada"
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Whatever it is, I want to know the juiciest, most scandalous secrets you ever uncovered at a job — anything that had you making this face when you discovered them:

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What was the secret? How did you discover it? Did your boss expect you to keep it for them? Let us know in the comments (or submit anonymously through this form) for a chance to have your story featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!