Jon Stewart Busts 'Right-Wing Motherf**kers' Like Trump Over 1 Huge Lie

Crime is down around the nation ― but, as “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart pointed out on Monday night, right-wing networks such as Fox News and politicians such as Donald Trump are pretending otherwise.

Trump last week called Milwaukee ― site of this year’s Republican National Convention ― a “horrible city,” then later claimed he was talking about crime, which is actually declining there.

On Fox News, legal analyst Gregg Jarrett called New York “a dystopian hellhole of crime and violence.”

“You’re just figuring that out now, you big puss?” Stewart mocked. “Oh, I’m sorry, is Times Square Elmo too scary for you?”

Although Stewart agreed that the city is a dystopian hellhole.

“That and the bagels and pizza is why we move here,” he said.

Stewart played other clips of right-wing figures complaining about crime ― especially gun crime ― in America’s cities.

“But here’s the thing, and I say this with all due respect: The balls of these right-wing motherfuckers,” he said. “Talking about how there’s too much gun crime and chaos in our Democratic cities when Republicans are the ones who’ve enabled the flood of illegal weaponry into our cities in the first place.”

Stewart said the problems don’t begin in cities such as New York.

“Ninety-three percent of the illegal guns used in crimes in New York City aren’t from here,” he said. “They ― like theater majors ― have come here to make a name for themselves.”

Many illegal guns used in New York come from states with lax gun laws such as Georgia, Florida and South Carolina.

“And try as we might to put up some border controls to stem this invasion, this flood of literally undocumented weapons, Republicans fight every attempt to bring some kind of order and even pass laws to increase the chaos,” Stewart said and offered specific examples. “They fight fucking everything.”

Then, he took a page out of Tucker Carlson’s playbook and weaved a conspiracy theory about the real reason Republicans want guns to flow into American cities.

Check it out on Monday night’s “Daily Show” monologue: