Jon Stewart Busts 1 Of Conservatives' Favorite Myths: 'They Are So Full Of S**t'

“The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart on Monday called out hypocritical complaints of “cancel culture” from the right, saying the only real way a conservative can be “canceled” is if they dare to criticize former President Donald Trump.

“This is their identity now, constant victimization,” said Stewart. “They say what they want and if you get upset about it, you don’t believe in freedom.”

Stewart aired a video of Fox News’ Sean Hannity claiming he “just believes in freedom” and isn’t easily outraged. “You are so unbelievable,” Stewart said of the conservative network’s on-screen Trump booster.

“They are so full of shit that Sean Hannity can say with a square head, ‘I’m not the kind of guy who gets outraged?’ Sean Hannity. He’s basically just a meat bag support system for a forehead vein,” he added.

“Truth is, Trump is the real cancel culture, emphasis on cult,” Stewart ended his monologue. People on the right can say pretty much whatever they want and be fine, he explained, but speak out against Trump and “be, yes, afraid.”

Watch Stewart’s full monologue here: