Johnny Ruffo revealed greatest fear before his death: 'I'm scared'

"There is no way my family will all be here."

Johnny Ruffo shared his greatest fear after learning his cancer was terminal in his book No Finish Line, which was released last year.

The singer and actor battled brain cancer for six years, with his family confirming his passing at 35 last Friday.

Johnny Ruffo getting chemotherapy
Johnny Ruffo shared his greatest fear before his passing in his book No Finish Line, which was released last year. Photo: Instagram/johnny_ruffo

In his book, Johnny shared that his major fear was that his family and girlfriend, Tahnee Sims, wouldn't be by his side when he died.

"I’m scared for my brother, my mum, dad and Tahnee that they won’t be here with me (when I die)," Johnny wrote. "There is no way my family will all be here."

He continued, "The likelihood of that is (slim). It would be ideal if everyone was there - not for my sake, but theirs."


However, Johnny had no reason to fear, as his family revealed in their statement on Instagram that they were all by his side when he passed.

"It is with a heavy heart that today we had to farewell our beloved Johnny," they shared. "Surrounded by his partner Tahnee and family, Johnny went peacefully with the support of some incredible nurses and doctors.

"He was a very talented, charming and sometimes cheeky boy. Johnny was very determined and had a strong will. He battled all the way to the end and fought as hard as he could. Such a beautiful soul with so much more to give."

They added, "We all love you Johnny and will remember you for all the joy you brought to our lives. Rest easy."

Johnny's parents separated when he was three years old, and he was very close to his brother Michael, who moved to Ireland.

Speaking of seeing his brother last Christmas, Johnny told 7Entertainment, "Honestly, he is my hero, he is everything to me. And I cannot wait to see him."

The star shot to fame on the 2011 season of The X Factor and went on to have a successful music and acting career.

He first revealed his health struggles in August 2017, when the former Home and Away star underwent surgery for a brain tumour. Following the surgery, he was diagnosed with brain cancer and started treatment.

Johnny Ruffo and Tahnee Sims
Johnny with his girlfriend Tahnee Sims. Photo: Instagram/johnny_ruffo

Johnny was declared cancer-free in 2019. Sadly, his cancer returned, and the young actor revealed it was terminal in August 2022.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle in November 2022, Johnny shared that despite his cancer being terminal, he wasn't ready to give up his fight.

“I’m still doing chemotherapy and still battling along, just one foot in front of the other, one step at the time,” he told us. “It is a challenge,” he admitted before adding that he’s “so lucky” to have Tahnee by his side.

The X Factor star was conscious of the fact that his girlfriend was going through a tough journey herself. “I feel like she’s battling as much as I am, but also she has to put up with me,” he quipped. “Without her, it’d definitely be a lot harder.”

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