John Oliver Mocks Donald Trump's 'Non-Innovation' On 'Last Week Tonight'

John Oliver taunted former President Donald Trump ina “Last Week Tonight” segment on the corn industry Sunday.

The host noted the “long history of American politicians being weird around corn” on the campaign trail to “pander” to corn-farming regions. He offered Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and George W. Bush as examples.

“But perhaps no one has ever been weirder while discussing it than this,” Oliver said, cutting to a January speech Trump gave in New Hampshire.

“I just met non-liquid gold. You know where it was? Iowa! It’s called corn,” Trump said in the clip. “It’s not liquid. That’s my take. You have more non-liquid gold. They said, ‘What is that?’ I said, ‘Corn!’ They said, ‘We love that idea.’ That’s a nickname in its own way, but we came up with .... a new couple of words for corn!”

Oliver acted befuddled and showed off his ear for corn comedy.

“Did you though?” Oliver asked of Trump. “Because non-liquid gold isn’t so much a way of describing corn as it is a way of describing regular gold. That’s a level of non-innovation innovation that we haven’t seen since Lyft invented something called Lyft Shuttle, which was — and this is true — the bus!”