Joe Alwyn Dropped His First Instagram Post Since Taylor Swift's New Album Announcement

It's giving tortured poet.

Joe Alwyn has returned to Instagram. Five months after his last post in late September— and about 10 months after his high-profile April breakup with Taylor Swift — Alwyn is back on the IG grid. On Feb. 20, he posted a moody series of caption-less photos to his account, which boasts 1 million followers.

The 10-snap series is mostly black-and-white. The first shot appears to be a selfie taken in the woods as Alwyn holds up a camera and looks in a mirror amid a sea of mostly barren branches. The second shot is of a dog wearing a harness, surrounded by pint glasses. A meme from The Office, reading “different drinks for different needs,” makes up the next slide, and Alwyn wears a sly smile in the fourth shot, where he’s snapped at an event behind Brian Cox from HBO Max's Succession.

The remaining pics feature a casino, a gloomy black-and-white ocean shot, a landscape of a city snapped from a hillside, what appears to be an event space’s car lot, and another landscape. The sweet final slide is a baby picture of Alwyn grinning and holding up his hands in two bunny ears.

The photo drop comes after Alwyn was publicly spotted out and about several times in recent days, which is far more than usual for the famously private actor. Two recent appearances, at the pre-BAFTA awards dinner and the British Vogue Fashion and Film Party, made headlines due to Alwyn wearing a bright red Artists for Ceasefire pin, expressing his views on the Israel-Hamas war. He was also caught hanging out with former Conversations with Friends co-star Alison Oliver at the pre-BAFTAs dinner.

Swift recently announced the April drop date for her next album, The Tortured Poets Department, which fans speculate will be about Alwyn. The record’s name shares a strong similarity to Alwyn’s group chat with Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott, which they reportedly dubbed “the tortured man club.”

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