Jimmy Kimmel Names The Perfect Running Mate For Donald Trump

Jimmy Kimmel suggested a longshot running mate for presidential candidate Donald Trump on Thursday. And somehow, it made sense. (Watch the video below.)

The talk show host showed a clip of Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.), who faces an expulsion vote on Friday, still acting like an influential GOP voice when he declared to reporters, “I won’t rest until I see Donald Trump back in the White House.”

“Wow, the coveted George Santos endorsement,” Kimmel snarked. “Trump must be ecstatic. I think maybe we found his running mate. Wouldn’t that be great?”

Kimmel did not joke further on the matter, but they’d be quite a pair on the campaign trail, packing a fistful of indictments and a history of lying.

And who wouldn’t love carrying a sign that says “Trumpos 2024”?

Fast-forward to 5:30 or enjoy the whole monologue: