Jimmy and Holly react to The Bachelors 2023 best moments

The Bachelor season nine stars Jimmy and Holly sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle to unpack the season ten premiere of 'The Bachelors'.

Video transcript

- Hello. I'm Jimmy Nicholson.

- Why do you say hello?

- OK.

- Hello. You can tell our season wasn't scripted.

- Yeah. Hi. I'm Jimmy Nicholson.

- And I am Holly Kingston. And we are from season nine of "The Bachelor" before it turned into "The Bachelors."

- I am in love with you.


And I can't wait to see what the future has in store for both of us. Today, we're recapping episode one of "The Bachelors" 2023.

- With the one and only Yahoo Lifestyle.

- It's been lovely to get to know you. But unfortunately, I'm not going to accept this rose.

- Argh.

- The music's so good, though.

- I just thought I was the one making those decisions, but apparently not. On to the next one, I guess.


- On to the next one.

- Oh. [BLEEP] It is so brutal.

- I thought I always making these decisions. But obviously not. You know what, I understand his shock, but he is definitely the unfiltered Bachelor, isn't he?

- So brutal. But again, this is the new format. You're on a speed date. I mean, I think he'll later on appreciate what she did there.

- And then heading after this clip, you head into absolute whiplash, where he goes, have a good one. Have a good one. Have a good one. So yeah.

- So yeah.

- Out, out, out.

- We saw more of his back during that episode, the more of his fights is just walking away from all the dates. Have a good one. See you later. Off he goes.

- Well, see, he goes bruised, I guess.

- Yeah, poor guy. That's rough.

- [CHUCKLES] All right. My boob might fall out. Yeah.


- Oh, that's though.


- There was a lot of sexual tension in that room.

- Oh, the noises.

- Oh, the noise.

- The noises. I think it did go on to the scene where he made a comment about his paintbrush extending. That would never have made the cut in the old franchise. You can see Felix's brain power just going from here. And within about two seconds, he's all down here.

- Power to both of them. But I don't know if I would have been able to do that.

- When I was little, I dreamed of that fairy tale ending. I'm ready to start that story but without the ending, and I'm hoping it could be with you.

- Oh, my gosh. That is so beautiful. I literally-- I literally-- I'm tearing up right now, like it's yeah.

- That was the best I've ever had. That was so romantic, so nice. Such a nice Rory.


- [INAUDIBLE] cried.

- That is so different to all of the other scenes. The music was the old Bachi music. So they've still got a little bit of the old episode, which this is what you need. You need a love story. You want people to watch that like we did and be like, oh, my God. This is what they need to keep on, but also have the other stuff as well.

- She will make it very far.

- Front runner. I'm calling it.

- Front runner. I think Leo will make it to one or two. It's all in the music. And I think Thomas is very spiritual, and he is there for the right reasons. So I have a feeling someone baring their soul like that and opening up. Within the first 10 minutes of meeting them, that will be right up his alley.