‘Jimmy Buffet Summer’ is all about being the ‘fun uncle,’ ignoring responsibilities

Having a “Hot Girl Summer” might’ve been all the rage a few years ago, but in case you haven’t heard, the summer of 2023 has a whole new vibe to it. This year, everyone’s striving to have a Jimmy Buffet kind of summer — at least, if TikTok has anything to say about it.

According to Mashable, having a Jimmy Buffet Summer — which is also sometimes referred to as the “Fun Uncle Summer” — is all about laid-back vibes and taking a break from the stress of life for a while.

“It’s a lazy, sun-kissed, sunset feeling,” the outlet explained. “It’s not that you don’t have responsibilities, it’s that you’re choosing to ignore them.”

In short, it’s kind of like channeling that fun, carefree uncle you have, who might be slightly off his rocker, but always brings the party and knows how to have fun.

So what does this actually look like? Apparently, it’s a lot of Hawaiian-style T-shirts with cargo shorts (for men or women), afternoon cocktails in a can and comfy, Margaritaville-inspired Crocs or loungy slides.

It’s also going to outdoor concerts and chilling with friends and putting life on hold as much as possible while the sun is still shining.

It’s listening to slow, classic rock songs, like “Drift Away” by The Doobie Brothers or “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” by John Denver or — of course — “Margaritaville” by Jimmy Buffet himself.

Unlike Hot Girl Summer, Jimmy Buffet Summer isn’t so much about how you look as how you feel, no matter how old or how young you may be. And because of that, it appeals to people of all ages and genders.

Now, excuse us while we go slap on a pair of Hawaiian shorts, slip into some Crocs and pour ourselves a margarita before 5 p.m. Just because we deserve it.

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