Jessica Mauboy reveals major hits she's dropping from her tour set list

EXCLUSIVE: Jessica spills on which popular tracks won't be making the cut.

With such an iconic back catalogue to work with, it’s understandable that Jessica Mauboy can’t perform every single one of her hit songs when touring the country.

However, fans would be surprised to learn that the Aussie songstress plans on cutting two of her most popular singles from her upcoming Yours Forever tour.

 Jessica Mauboy performing.
Jessica Mauboy spills on her upcoming tour and which songs won’t be included in the set list. Photos: Instagram/jessicamauboy

Jessica, who is set to release her fifth studio album of the same name in February 2024, tells Yahoo Lifestyle she will likely drop ‘Burn’ and ‘Running Back’ from her set list next year after singing them on tour for the past 15 years.

“I do have those moments when I think of the tour where I’m like, let’s just scrap it,” she shares. “I don’t think for next year ‘Running Back’ will be in my set, and when I think about ‘Burn’ I don't even think ‘Burn’ will be in the set.

“I’m in that stage where I’m not too worried, but I think if I share the story and really stay close to the meaning of the song then I don't think it really does affect at all if I don't play it. I think people do want to see something different and they do want to hear something different.”


‘Running Back’ was Jessica’s debut single featuring American rapper Flo Rida, while her second single ‘Burn’ became her first number-one song on the ARIA Singles Chart.

She’s since released 16 top-twenty singles and cemented herself as one of Australia’s most successful female artists, with her latest single ‘Flashback’ being praised by fans as one of her best songs.

'Quite full-on'

The Voice coach went on to say that she loves surprising audiences and would be keen to one day perform a concert consisting only of fan-favourite album tracks - like ‘To the Floor’ and ‘Fight For You’.

“I don't think my team would be very happy with that,” she adds with a laugh, “but I'm all about B-sides. I think they're the most reflective stories, and I think my most favourite stuff comes from a B-side track.”

Jessica admits it can be “quite full-on” when she looks back at her discography, but she has a method of putting together her concert set list.

“I want a slow song in there, I want mid-tempo songs in there, something that kind of hits but still kind of lets you be sombre, and then I also want a party anthem,” she details. “But then I want something that makes me feel so soul like I've just gone to church.

“I tend to think overall, what are the different layers in my catalogue of music that would hit that way to someone listening.”

'Really proud of this record'

The tour will of course feature songs from Jessica's upcoming album Yours Forever, which she describes as her most confident body of work.

“I'm really excited and emotional and really proud of this record,” she details. “I know my previous records have been very confident and very kind of whirlwind and I've been on a roller coaster pretty much the whole time, but this one was particularly different because it was just my choice of doing things differently.

“I've had a really musical year, and I say that because it's been very out of my comfort zone and a very different work ethic. It's kind of made me a little nervous and anxious but also really confident.”

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