Jess and Dan's affair heats up on MAFS

Photo: Nine
Photo: Nine

It started with some serious flirting – and if Dan is to be believed – a little leg rubbing under the table at last week’s dinner party.

And after spending some time apart, it seems Dan and Jessika’s affair is set to heat up on tonight night’s episode of MAFS.

In the short teaser, the pair are seen sneaking away from the rest of the party for a little alone time.

As they snuggle up on the couch, Jess tells him, “You’re a good looking guy,” and later admits, “I’m like nervous around you, but like in a good way”.

While Dan, who has been having serious doubts about his connection with wife Tamara, says, “Sometimes you’ve got to go with your gut”.

On last night’s episode, we saw Jess and Mick’s relationship go up in flames when he used some pretty awful words to describe her family. The aftermath was ugly to say the least, and the pair arrive separately at tonight’s dinner party.

Meanwhile Dan’s mum raised concerns about Tamara, saying she didn’t believe the couple were showing enough affection for each other and surmising that Tamara isn’t the right woman for her son.

Photo: Nine
Photo: Nine

If you haven’t already heard, photos of Jess and Dan together have been circulating this week and show the pair kissing and hugging on at least two separate occasions.

Jess confirmed the affair on radio by confessing, “Yeah, he [Dan] is a good kisser”.

“I try to keep this secrecy up, but considering there are photographs up everywhere…” she told Sydney radio duo Fitzy and Wippa.

Speaking earlier on Talking Married, she added, “I wouldn’t take back my connection with Dan.”

“When Dan and I started talking, we had a connection straight away. If I had a checklist and I handed it to the experts… he would be ticking every single box.”

Photo: Nine
Photo: Nine

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