Jesinta Franklin on motherhood and marriage to Buddy Franklin: 'Not perfect'

Jesinta Franklin has opened up about the effect parenting has had on her marriage to Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin, after the couple welcomed two children together.

The 30-year-old spoke to Stellar magazine about adapting to their new roles as mum and dad to Tallulah, nearly two, and Rocky, who is nine months.

Jesinta and Buddy Franklin posing on the red carpet
Jesinta Franklin has opened up about the affect having children has had on her marriage. Photo: Getty Images

“A lot of people don’t talk about how hard it is on your marriage having children,” she said.

“We could definitely do it better. We really haven’t had much time just us two without the kids, but we’re a very tight-knit family. It’s definitely not perfect, but we try to focus on being a team and facing the challenges together.”


Jesinta and Buddy were over the moon when they welcomed Tallulah into the world, after struggling to conceive for nearly four years.

When Jesinta announced she and Buddy were expecting their first child together, she revealed the journey to parenthood hadn't been easy.

Jesinta Frankling hugging baby Rocky
The couple are the proud parents to two-year-old Tallulah and nine-month-old Rocky. Photo: Instagram/Jesinta Franklin

"My husband and I are so incredibly excited and overjoyed to announce that we have a baby on the way," she wrote on her lifestyle app, JESINTA.

"The journey to get here hasn’t been easy and this little life is the greatest gift and we feel truly blessed and grateful that we will have a little angel of our own.

"We have both dreamt of this for a long time and while the 2.5 years have been physically and emotionally challenging, there’s nothing we would change as its brought us to this beautiful moment."

She continued, "The immense love we already have for our baby is indescribable and we can’t wait to meet our little miracle."

Buddy Franklin with his children
They welcomed Tallulah into the world after four years trying to conceive. Photo: Instagram/Jesinta Franklin

Jesinta also told The Daily Telegraph that it took the couple ‘so long’ to conceive Tallulah, saying: "It was a four-year journey so I would totally be okay if it was just Tullulah because we love her so much and we dreamt and wished for her for so long."

In October last year, it was revealed that the couple were pregnant with their second child, an adorable baby boy whom they named Rocky.

The couple, who married in 2016 in a stunning wedding, have chosen to keep their children out of the public eye, only posting photos from the back to their social media accounts.

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