Mum unrecognisable after incredible 73kg body transformation

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A young mum has lost an incredible 73kg, after making the choice to start on a weight loss journey so she would be around ‘for as long as possible’ for her son, then aged four.

Jennifer Carroll, who hails from Dublin in Ireland and has over 110k followers on Instagram, was ‘already very overweight’ when she gave birth to her first baby boy, Carter, in 2015.

Jennifer Carroll before and after weight loss journey
Jennifer Carroll has lost an incredible 73kg over the course of her body transformation. Photo: Instagram/jens_journey_ie

In the 18 months after she welcomed Carter into the world, Jen was in a toxic relationship in London and ‘piled on’ 25kg before she decided to get away and move back to Ireland.

Time for change

“I just knew I had to make the change to be the best possible parent I could for Carter and also be around as long as possible for him,” Jen tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“He is a wild little boy full of play and energy and I wanted to keep up.”

That’s when Jen joined weight loss group Slimming World, which has transformed her life.

“I felt like I'd tried everything and I saw the plan working for lots of people,” Jen says of the group.

“I needed something simple to get me into a routine and it has a basic plan that's easy and straightforward to follow”

Jennifer Carroll weight loss journey
Jen was 'already overweight' when she had her adorable son, Carter, in 2015. Here she is pictured in April 2016. Photo: Instagram/jens_journey_ie
jens_journey_ie weight loss journey
In the following months, she decided to get away from her toxic relationship and focus on her own health and wellbeing. Photo: Instagram/jens_journey_ie
Jen focuses on having a colourful plate and eating loads of veggies and protein. Photo: Instagram/jens_journey_ie
Jen focuses on having a colourful plate and eating loads of veggies and protein. Photo: Instagram/jens_journey_ie

Incredible transformation

Since June 2017, Jen has slimmed down by 73kg by eating healthily and working out most days of the week.

“I am working out five days a week so I really try to focus on protein,” Jen says.

“Loads of colour and flavours. And plenty of veg. This is a good habit I picked up when I was following the Slimming World plan. I love seafood and chicken and also a Fakeaway (fake takeaway she makes herself) once a week.

Despite her epic transformation, Jen says she still has a bit to go before she’s fully happy with her journey.

“I've never had a target weight because I've never been a healthy weight so I'm not sure what number on a scales would suit me,” she adds.

“But once I am happy and confident in myself I'll be at target. I'm having skin removal surgery soon too which will also help me get there.”

jens_journey_ie Slimming World
Jen began her weight loss journey in June 2017 and since then has lost 73kg. Photo: Instagram/jens_journey_ie

How to set a weight loss goal

For anyone else just starting out their weight loss journey, Jen recommends not focusing on how much you actually want to lose.

“Start your journey and focus on what you can do that day,” she says. “Take it each day at a time and remind yourself everyday of how far you've come.

“Set short term and long term goals. They always keep you focused. And if you do have a bad day or week just start again every day, you have to be your own biggest cheerleader.”

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