Jenna Bush Hager Shares Surprising Message for Women Who Flirt With Her Husband

Jenna Bush Hager and Henry Hager

In a Today With Hoda & Jenna segment called "Girl Code," Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb discuss viewer-submitted questions about female friendship conflicts. And recently, the co-hosts discussed their thoughts about other women flirting with their significant other.

The dilemma read: "I have a friend who's a huge flirt and always has been. She even does it with my husband. How do I tell her to knock it off?"

"Ooh, this is a hard one," Bush Hager, who has been married to Henry Hager since 2008, admitted.

Kotb reasoned, "First of all, you know she kind of always is and has been. So that's sort of who she is," to which Bush Hager added, "And probably was that girl in college and high school that liked attention."

One suggestion the former first daughter offered was to playfully call out the friend. "I think you're just like, 'Hey! Sue, he's mine.' I think you have to make a joke out of it," she suggested.

When Kotb wondered what the next move would be if the flirting continued, Bush Hager pointed out, "Then she may not be her friend. Although, it's about her and not you."

That's when Bush Hager made a confession on live TV: "Also, this may be weird. But sometimes I like it when people flirt with Henry."

After a beat, Kotb followed up simply with, "Why?"

"I don't know. I'm just like, 'Oh, baby girl's still got it,'" she explained. "I'm very secure in our relationship. So I'm like, 'Oh, there you are.'"

When Kotb asked what would happen if Henry flirted back, the mom-of-three—who shares Mila, Poppy and Hal with Henry—replied, "If it's a very small amount, I find it attractive. He wouldn't do it a lot. But also, we don't really go anywhere."

What do you think about Bush Hager's take on women flirting with her husband?

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