Jenna Bush Hager Recalls Losing Her Engagement Ring at NYC Airport

Jenna Bush Hager

Jenna Bush Hager survived the real-life nightmare scenario of losing her engagement ring at the airport–and she even managed to keep the whole ordeal a secret from her husband, Henry.

The Today anchor recounted the anxiety-inducing tale while speaking with her co-host, Hoda Kotb, during Thursday's (April 18) show.

"Once, when I was working here, and I was racing to a shoot to fly somewhere. I had a bag of jewelry and, weirdly, I had everything in it," she began per Decider, adding that by "everything" she also meant her engagement ring was in that bag. "I don’t have much nice jewelry, but everything I had was in there."

"I was stressed. I get to the shoot and I’m looking around, I’m like, ‘Oh no, I had a whole bag of jewelry,'" Bush Hager, 42, explained that she didn't have much time to look for the bag or she would risk missing her flight, so she reached out to a member of the talk show's security team.

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"So I called Jack here, who’s an angel. I said, ‘Jack, I just took off at JFK. I know it’s gone, but can you just see what the airport says?'"

"I couldn’t even tell Henry because if I lost our engagement ring, it’s priceless," she added. "So, I harbored a secret from Henry, too, which was hard."

But luck–or her guardian angel–was working overtime that day and Bush Hager was eventually reunited with the ring. "Some lovely man who I’ve never met returned it to security," she said.

Her co-host tried to commiserate, admitting, "I lose lots of things. Glasses phones, keys – all the time," Kotb said. "It’s nothing new… They seem to come back."

Sorry, Kotb, but losing a pair of glasses or your phone is not on par with misplacing a priceless piece of jewelry like an engagement ring.

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