Woman slams 'disgusting' editing of her booty selfie

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A woman has slammed the ‘photoshopping’ of one of her images by a complete stranger, sharing the outrageous message sent to her with her followers on Twitter.

Popular Canadian YouTube star Jen Brett revealed someone had edited one of her ‘booty’ selfies to make her derrière appear smaller, with another man sending her the image claiming she was now “perfect”.

Youtuber Jen Brett has slammed the editing of one of her photos. Photo: Instagram/jenbretty

“Someone did this to your pic and I gotta say cut the extra weight and you’d be perfect,” the message read.

She shared the original image showing off her curvy figure, alongside the edited one, in which her booty had been dramatically shrunk and cleared of all cellulite.

“A guy really took the time out of his day to photoshop me smaller?” she said in her tweet.

The original image she posted (left) and the edited image sent to her (right) Photo: Twitter

“I hated myself for years because I wanted to be small like that. But that’s not me, it never will be and I don’t want it to be either. I don’t need editing. F*** YOU.”

Her followers were equally disgusted by the image editing.

“I don’t even have words for this,” was one outraged fan’s comment.

“People always feel entitled to give their opinion sooo freely on social media,” another wrote.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

After the influx of support from her followers, Jen took to Instagram to reveal she had in fact once lost the “extra weight” but that didn’t mean she had been happier.

“I’ve been there. I lost the ‘extra weight’. I went to the gym every single day. Even on vacation cause no days off right? I lived off of egg whites and vegetables. And guess what? I still wasn’t happy with myself,” she wrote, sharing her five-year transformation.

Jen has also previously called out the inconsistency in clothing sizes, which can often contribute to many people’s negative feelings about their own body.

“Why are we letting a number that isn’t even consistent, that nobody sees or cares about ruin how we feel about ourself?” she said, sharing an image of herself wearing three - very different - size 10 jeans.

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