Jason and Travis Kelce Chaotically Debate Which Animal They’d Switch Legs With

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Jason and Travis Kelce had a chaotic debate on the latest episode of their New Heights podcast in response to a listener-submitted question about which animals they would pick if they had to swap legs with the creatures.

The listener pitched their question as part of the podcast’s “No Dumb Questions” segment. It sparked a debate that lasted about six minutes, with the brothers considering several animals before landing on their final picks.

The former Philadelphia Eagles center kicked off their conversation by musing over which animal traits—power, length, speed, or strength—would be most valuable if he were swapping legs with it. He declared he would “definitely not” pick an ostrich before Travis jumped in with a question of his own, asking whether only two-legged animals were up for consideration or if they were opening the possibilities to the entire animal kingdom.

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After a short debate over whether insects qualified as animals, the brothers decided that they could swap legs with a four-legged animal without losing their own arms, but any creature with more than four legs would mean Jason and Travis would forfeit both their arms and legs in the hypothetical swap.

“Don’t worry, it makes sense,” Jason said at one point as he clarified the swap rules.

The brothers went on to rule out giraffes, cheetahs and dachshunds. “No way,” the Kansas City Chiefs tight end said of the dog breed, which Jason pointed out has “stumpy” legs.

Jason suggested a rhino at one point, which he reminded listeners Travis recently saw in person during a trip to Australia to visit his girlfriend, pop star Taylor Swift, as she was on tour in Sydney. But Travis rejected rhinos, arguing that they are too “bouncy.” He also refused to swap legs with a kangaroo, which he also saw during his Sydney trip, informing his brother that their legs are “pointless” without a tail.

“I guess if I’m picking any animal’s legs in this scenario, I’m going elephant,” Jason finally decided. "It’s got height, it’s got power, they’re pretty fast. What other animal’s got bigger legs than an elephant?”

Travis initially said he wanted to pick an ostrich, but after the brothers debated whether the bird’s legs were strong enough to hold him, he settled on swapping legs with a horse. Travis ended the debate by declaring the exercise “so dumb” before they moved on to their next topic.

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