Jason Kelce Seemingly Confirms Fan Theory About His Hygiene

Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce clearly isn't afraid to be open and honest about his personal hygiene habits—even the ones that are a little funky.

Fans were wishing the former Philadelphia Eagles center would've held back some of the personal information about his feet-washing routine, which he recently admitted was pretty much non-existent in a now-viral post on X.

The retired NFL player replied to a fan claiming he "looks like he doesn't wash his legs or feet."

In reply, Kelce, 36, tweeted, "What kind of weirdo washes their feet...."

And while fans were hoping that he was just being sarcastic, others were fairly convinced that the older Kelce bro could be the type to skip out on such a task.

"now jason this could've stayed in the drafts," one fan wrote in response to his confession, while another person implored, "Kelce, you gotta wash the feet man!"

"flip flop feet hit different knowing this jason," another person quipped in reference to Kelce frequently opting for open-toed footwear.

Someone else wrote, "As someone who works in an operating room I’m scared to ask but HAVE to know.. when is the last time you cleaned your belly button?" to which Kelce replied, "Been 36 years since I checked."

Kelce went even further down the rabbit hole in another (hopefully) sarcastic tweet, where he tried to debunk the idea that "washing every crevice" of your body is "somehow better or healthier."

"All of you have been fed diabolical lies," he said while further insisting, "Any dermatologist not in bed with Big Soap will agree!!"

Despite the debates going on in the comments, Kelce's fans agreed that his posts were highly entertaining at the very least.

"this is some of the best Saturday afternoon entertainment in a while," one person wrote on X, adding, "Thanks Jason."

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