Jason Kelce Reveals If He'll Return to His 'Musical Roots' in Retirement

Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce might be famous because of his football career, but apparently he's always had a knack for music, too.

The former Philadelphia Eagles player—who we know has already released two Christmas albums with his teammates—recently intrigued fans after he gave a shoutout to his band director during his retirement speech earlier this month, making some people wonder if a music career is somewhere on the horizon.

During the newest episode of his and brother Travis Kelce's New Heights podcast, the retired NFL star finally gave fans more context on his musical background while answering one listener who wondered Jason plans to "pick [music] back up," now that he's retired.

"Jason's never not been musically gifted," Travis, 34, answered, while Jason, 36, interjected with the quip, "Pick it back up? What are you talking about? I've got two hot selling Christmas albums back-to-back years!"

"This guy is selling vinyls, what do you mean pick it back up?" Travis added.

But according to Jason, his musical roots go all the way back to sixth grade, when his school in Cleveland required every student to learn an instrument. He chose the saxophone, and ended up playing it all through high school. (Travis opted for the trumpet, but gave it up after it was no longer a school requirement.)

Jason also played in symphonic band in high school as well as the jazz ensemble, which he bragged was "pretty prestigious" at his high school.

"I tell people this all the time," Jason went on to say. "I really think playing band and playing music in general has allowed me to excel in other things," including even sports. "With band, in my opinion, if you want to learn the important and the value of practice, nothing will teach you that more clearer than an instrument."

And clearly, Jason's life lessons paid off in his football career, as he was able to play 13 seasons and even win a Super Bowl with the Eagles.

As for Travis, the Chiefs tight end still has more football to play—and he leaves the musical skills to girlfriend Taylor Swift.

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